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The club organises a tennis ladder [or box league] for all members interested in playing. There is an initial grading of players and you are placed in a ‘box’ with players of similar ability. The rules for the box league are as follows:

  • Each Player has 2 months to play the other 3 players in their group. Once all matches have been played the player in 1st position in each box will be promoted up to the next box and the player who finishes last in each box will be relegated to the box below them. This process repeats itself. The idea is that players will try to improve their position in the box league be earning promotion/avoiding relegation.
  • Matches will be 1st to 8 games with a point being awarded for each game won within the match. The winner of the match will receive 2 additional points and both players will receive 4 points for participating in the match. (See below table)                    
 SCORE   Winner Points  Loser Points
 8-0  14  4
 8-1  14  5
 8-2  14  6
 8-3  14  7
 8-4  14  8
 8-5  14  9
 8-6  14  10
 8-7  14  11
  •   A Regular Tie –break (First to 7 points) will be played if the score goes to 7-7
  • Tie Break Rules: Service changes hand after the first point and then changes hand every 2 points after this. Players swap sides after every 6 points. Winner is first to 7 points. However the winner must win by 2 clear points i.e. if the score is 6-6 then the tie break is up to 8, if the score is 7-7 the tie break is up to 9 points etc. 
  • All matches must be played within the allotted 2 month period. You will have 2 full months to play your 3 matches so hopefully this should be enough time for everyone to play. Although walkovers are not an ideal result for anyone involved, they will be given in the event that a player cannot play. 10 points will be given to the winner in a walkover situation. (14 points may be given under special circumstances)
  • Club Championships have priority over box league matches.
  • Players should arrange matches amongst themselves.
  • At the end of a match the winner will report the score to Ian Murray by text message to 087 1387976. Ian will forward the score on to the other players in your group either via email or text message so that they can keep up to speed with their current boxes status. Also an update with all of the up to date results will be sent around to each player every couple of weeks via e-mail. 
  • Players who fail to play their 3 matches within the allocated 2 month timeframe will be removed from the box league for 2 months and then placed in to the group below the group they were in should they wish to return.
 Please note: Some Winter League Teams will be determined by players positions in the box league, therefore if you are not actively playing in the box league it is a possibility that you may not be considered for Winter League Teams in the future.

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